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At PhysioFit Delaware, your physical therapy program is designed just for you through personalized evaluation and treatment.  Your care here will always be one-on-one with an expert clinician who is passionate about understanding your goals. We believe the key to achieving those goals is empowering you with the education and tools for long term success, from day one to discharge. 

Come see the difference at PhysioFit Delaware- where our mission is to work together to keep you moving, playing, and living! 



PhysioFit Delaware was founded by

Dr. Angela H. Smith to bring her clinical expertise, robust research experience, and passion for helping others to the athletes and active adults of Delaware. As a board-certified sports & orthopedic physical therapist and athletic trainer, Angela has worked with athletes at all levels, from weekend warriors to professional athletes.

Her mission?

To keep you active - from the CrossFit box to the athletic field and on every trail

in between.


The Difference at 

"I highly recommend Dr. Smith! She was awesome! She is very precise, knowledgeable and dedicated to her craft. She personalizes your visits and gives you detailed data on your injury. She tells you what needs to happen to fix the problem and hopefully how to prevent it from happening again.
Thank you, Dr. Smith, for everything! You rock!"
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