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Tendinopathy is an overuse injury of the tendon that leads to pain, impaired function, and limitations in physical activity.


Lower extremity tendon injuries often occur in athletes who participate in sports with repetitive movements or jumping, such as basketball, volleyball, long-distance running, dance or gymnastics.

The most common injuries seen are patellar tendinopathy, ("jumper's knee") and Achilles tendinopathy ("tendinitis").

As the author of a treatment protocol for patella tendinopathy and the Research Physical Therapist for an NIH funded study on the treatment of Achilles tendinopathy, Angela understands how to successfully treat your tendon pain. Through a combination of loading the tendon through exercise, patient education, and counseling on pain monitoring, Angela will keep you active

while treating your injury.

Angela was also a co-author of an article on modifiable risk factors for patellar tendinopathy in athletes, published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

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