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"A one in a million, true therapist, I will recommend her anytime for Physiotherapy needs!"

"I was in a car accident in mid-February and fractured my right femur. As I began my therapy in March, COVID-19 hit us leading to closure of PT clinics. An expert she is, Angela worked with me initially through a combination of Tele-Health and Home Exercising programs, helping me make steady progress and regain my walking strength. Later, her effective in-person sessions focused on Gait training, helping me improve my balance and build endurance. In a short span of six weeks, I moved from walker to crutches and then walking without support.


Angela - Thank you so much for your care and encouragement. Without your support, I wouldn't have been back on my feet so quickly!"

"During the Crossfit Open I injured my knee doing double-unders. As you can imagine, that crushed my score and it caused me to take some time off from training. Dr. Smith attended my class the next morning and her non-verbal when she noticed me limping was priceless, in a good way.

She quickly diagnosed the problem and scheduled me for an assessment. At the completion of the assessment, Dr. Smith told me that I would be up and running in a few weeks.

After two weeks, I saw a big difference! I was able to do box jumps again, light squatting and a slow jog. By week four, I was back to moving without any pain or discomfort.

During my visits, Dr. Smith coached me on various stretches, exercises, and techniques that I needed to do. Every visit was one-on-one and very intense, not like your typical round robin PT.  I highly recommend Dr. Smith!"

-CrossFit Coach and Athlete

"Angela Smith is a very knowledgeable, calm and experienced therapist. She is very focused when it comes to addressing her patient's problem."

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