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At PhysioFit Delaware we offer a variety of options to bridge the gap between physical therapy and fitness.  After your initial evaluation we will work together to choose the model that works best for you!

In-Person Physical Therapy

Who it's for: Those with pain or functional limitations that need regular in-person treatment, including post-operative rehabilitation and those that benefit from manual therapy.

What it includes: A detailed review of your history and goals and a comprehensive evaluation of your strength, mobility, flexibility and movement patterns to determine the root of your problem. From there, we build a highly individualized treatment plan that will help you increase your strength, improve your overall performance, maintain your fitness, and get you pain-free so you can continue to do the things that you love!

PhysioFit Programming

Who it's for: Those who have the access and drive to complete their rehab or training on their own, but thrive with accountability and prescribed programming. Open to anyone, anywhere!

What it includes: This is an online coaching service that includes access to your weekly training program via an app, including detailed exercise prescription with videos, as well as weekly check-ins and chat access with your PhysioFit team member to ensure you are getting the most out of your program.

Hybrid (PT+Programming)

Who it's for: Those who want the best of both worlds! This hybrid model allows you to combine monthly in-person sessions with our PhysioFit Programming. 

What it includes: All of the benefits of our in-person physical therapy with the structure of our online programming.  At PhysioFit we believe that rehab should resemble training, and truly believe that our hybrid program is one of our most effective offerings.


  • Initial Evaluation/Single Session: $180

  • In-Person Package* Options

    • 5 sessions: $800 ($160/session)

    • 10 sessions: $1400 ($140/session)

  • Hybrid Options (in-person PT + programming)

    • 1 session + 1 month of programming: $299/month

    • 3 sessions + 3 months of programming: $275/month ($825)

  • Online Programming Only

    • $199/month

*Packages are intended for use following initial evaluation & expire within 1 year of purchase

PhysioFit Delaware is a Fee-for-Service practice.​ Fee for service means that payment is due at the time of treatment and we do not directly bill your insurance for our services.  However, upon request we will provide you with a Superbill to submit to your insurance company for potential reimbursement. Click here for an insurance worksheet that you can use to help you determine your out-of-network physical therapy benefits.  We are happy to assist you in this process if needed!Why? This model allows us to serve your needs and tailor your treatment to achieve your goals without catering to insurance companies. This leads to increased flexibility and quality of care by treating each patient individually, and ultimately returning you to your lifestyle sooner

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